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Lawyers In the team of
Kulaçoğlu Law Firm

Att. Tamer Kulaçoğlu

Founder / Attorney
About; Attorney Tamer Kulaçoğlu, who graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Law in 1990,
avukat serkan kartal; idare hukuku avukatı; vergi hukuku avukatı; iş hukuku avukatı; avukat;

Att. Serkan Kartal

Co-Partner / Attorney
About; Attorney Serkan Kartal, who graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Law in
avukat tuğba içen; tuğba içen;
About; Attorney Tuğba İçen Tuğba İçen, who graduated from Bilgi University Faculty of
avukat; kıdem tazminatı avukatı; işe iade avukatı; yakışıklı avukat; miras avukatı;
About; Attorney Erencan Çemrek Attorney Erencan Çemrek, who graduated from İstanbul
emin ulusoy; avukat emin ulusoy; kulaçoğlu hukuk bürosu; icra avukatı; ticaret hukuku avukatı;
About; Attorney Emin Ulusoy Attorney Emin Ulusoy, who graduated from İstanbul
avukat; avukat umutcan lüleci;
About; Umutcan Lüleci who graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law with a
Cennet Ceren Danacı; avukat;
About; Danacı, who completed the Erasmus Program in Bremen University Faculty of Law
avukat idil okanlı; avukat;
About; After graduating from Marmara University Faculty of Law in July 2021, İdil
avukat feza bozdemir; feza bozdemir; stajyer avukat;
About; Feza Bozdemir who graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law with a
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Legal Services

In line with the requirements and requests of our clients, our working areas that we serve with our lawyers in our team;

  • Commercial Law
  • Labor Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Family Law
  • Execution and Bankruptcy Law
  • Tax Law
  • Contracts and Obligations Law
  • Consumer Law
  • IT Law
  • Sports Law
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