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In line with the demands of our clients, our working areas with our lawyers who are experts in their fields;

Commercial Law
We provide high quality legal services to our clients who do business and investment in Turkey and abroad about commercial law. We provide intensive legal support...
Consumer Law
Kulaçoğlu Law Firm deals with Consumer Protection, primarily real estate and securities sales, to which the consumer is a party....
icra; iflas; ipotek; takibi; avukatlık;
Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law
The creditor whose receivable is not paid on time by the debtor cannot obtain this receivable by force.
bilişim; hukuku; icon;
IT Law
Providing legal consultancy and advocacy services regarding cases arising from the violation of privacy and personal rights and freedoms on the internet
Contracts Law
The Law of Contracts, which deals with and regulates the contract and debt relations between the parties...
Criminal Law
We act by taking into account the sensitivities of our clients at every stage of the proceedings, including the preparatory investigation.
Family Law
Family Law was established for the healthy and happy continuation of the family unity established by the individuals who make up the society.
Inheritance Law
Inheritance law regulates to whom and how, in the event of the death or absence of a real person, the assets of this person, namely his estate, will be transferred
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Immigration and Citizenship Law
Turkish Law includes many alternative regulations regarding citizenship and residence permit.
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law, which is one of the main areas of interest of Kulaçoğlu Law Firm, is a branch of law that closely concerns almost every segment of society.
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Tax Law
Tax Law examines the tax processes and tax liabilities between the state and taxpayers, and resolves disputes arising from them.
Administrative Law
Administrative Law refers to the whole of the regulations made within the scope of the obligation to protect individuals within the framework of legal principles against the public authority and administration.

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