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Commercial Law

Due to the developing and globalizing economic structure and increase in the number of commercial enterprises, legal risks and criminal conditions of commercial law increase in parallel. Commercial business and debt relations are subject to detailed and specific rules. Therefore, in order to avoid possible legal risks, it is beneficial for real or legal persons doing business to proceed through legal advisors. If commercial enterprises do not benefit from the “Protective Advocacy” service, they may encounter serious and devastating consequences.

What is Commercial Law?

Commercial Law is one of the branches of law that regulates commercial relations between real and legal persons. It regulates commercial borrowing relations such as qualified business, transaction, commercial law check issue between traders who are natural and legal persons engaged in trade. It lists in detail the rules regarding the establishment, structuring, working methods, termination, and the negotiable instruments used in commercial business and transactions, which concern the commercial enterprise. Commercial Law also considers the subject of insurance as a commercial activity and gives a detailed account of the business and transactions within the scope of insurance.

As Kulaçoğlu Law Office, our main services we provide to our clients in this context;
  • Quick and easy establishment of companies and joint ventures,
  • Providing consultancy services on daily commercial transactions,
  • Corporate management consultancy,
  • Establishment of collateral for project financing, preparation of loan agreements,
  • Negotiating and preparing all kinds of commercial contracts in the form of distributorship, franchise, dealership, management and senior management contracts,
  • Preparation of privatization, public offering, merger and acquisition agreements,
  • Negotiation and reconciliation of asset and share sale agreements,
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation of companies with the least damage,
  • Protecting minority rights and conducting preliminary research on these transactions,
  • Providing consultancy on compliance with competition law rules, preparation of relevant notifications and submission to the Competition Authority,
  • Evaluation of contracts in terms of competition law rules,
  • Representing clients in lawsuits and disputes arising from Company Law and in criminal and administrative lawsuits related to this field,
  • Supervising the management and executive responsibilities with the general assembly meetings of the companies, ensuring the appointment of a special auditor, temporary management and trustee, protecting the minority and privileged rights,
  • Harmonization studies with the capital market and management of disputes arising from bank law,
  • In commercial and company cases; authorized dealer relations, distributorship, unfair competition, purchase and sale contracts, determination, collection, execution of large receivables, bankruptcy and liquidation of companies, product liability, consumer protection, insurance and reinsurance, customs, import and export issues, transportation, customs tariffs Providing services in a wide perspective such as valuation in import and export, recognition and enforcement of foreign court and arbitral awards,
  • Providing consultancy services on compliance with smuggling, customs, corporate tax and taxation, transfer pricing, public tenders and capital markets, competition law and anti-corruption practices in the field of administrative and criminal law,
  • Representation of clients during dawn raids, investigations and oral defenses.

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