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The “Law of Obligations”, which deals with and regulates the contract and debt relations between the parties, emerges as one of the most basic areas of law, which is the most widely known and the most researched, both in our country and in other legal systems in the world. Kulaçoğlu Law Firm provides comprehensive and result-oriented litigation and consultancy services, primarily contract consultancy, to its clients by blending its significant experience in this field, where it has been operating successfully for many years, with the dynamism of its expert staff.

As Kulaçoğlu Law Office, our main services we provide to our clients in this context;
  • We prepare contracts in accordance with the general provisions of the Code of Obligations.
  • We provide legal consultancy to our clients on the issues of tortious acts, material and moral compensation claims arising from contracts or torts, cancellation of contracts, termination of contracts, responsibilities, default, reduction of debt, current account, assignment of receivables, transfer of debt.
  • We provide legal advice to our clients on issues such as transfer of business, merger and transformation of businesses.
  • Sales of movables and immovables regulated in the Special Provisions of the Code of Obligations, barter, donation, rent, revenue rent, loan, loan, service, exception, publication, power of attorney, letter of reputation and reputation order, plagiarism, doing business without a power of attorney, commission, commercial We provide legal consultancy and advocacy services for agents and commercial power of attorney, remittance, trust, surety, registered life and income, contract of care until death, and contracts in all other laws.
  • We provide legal consultancy and advocacy services in cases within the scope of the Law of Obligations and legal disputes arising from both contract and unfair action.
  • We provide legal consultancy and advocacy services in non-contractual, strict liability cases.
  • The cases of strict liability in the Code of Obligations, the responsibility of those who lack the power of appeal, the responsibility of the person using the person, the responsibility of the legal person for the wrongful act of the organ, the responsibility of the owner of the building or construction work and the cases of strict liability arising from the Civil Code, the responsibility of the head of the family, the responsibility of the immovable owner, the neighborhood Violation of the duties arising from the law are the issues that we deal with intensively.

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