Practise Areas
Criminal Law
  • Rapid economic growth and increasing foreign investments cause an increase in criminal investigations and prosecutions as well as legal disputes. We effectively meet the needs and expectations in this field with our expert lawyers.
  • We represent real or legal persons who are suspected suspects or victims in the criminal investigation case of fraud, breach of trust, forgery of documents, smuggling, embezzlement, and we provide legal advice to them.
  • We act by taking into account the sensitivities of our clients at every stage of the proceedings, including the preparatory investigation.


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Anadolu Insurance Professional Liability Insurance:
As Kulaçoğlu Law Firm, all our services are insured with the assurance of Anadolu Sigorta A.Ş. in order to prevent the negative reflections of disruptions that may arise from our employees during the solution of our clients’ legal problems and to ensure client satisfaction.