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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

The creditor whose receivable is not paid on time by the debtor cannot obtain this receivable by force himself. Forced execution against the debtor who does not fulfill his debt on time and properly can only be done by the public authority within the framework of the law.

What is Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law?

The subject of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law; In the event that the money and guarantee receivables arising from private law relations are not paid by the debtor, how they will be met with the help of public authority and force, upon the request of the creditor, within the limits determined by the law. The debt can only be met through the debtor’s movable and immovable properties and the rights and receivables of third parties.
In our country, all procedures and principles regarding the collection and payment of debt are regulated by the law of execution and bankruptcy; In accordance with the law, Enforcement Courts have been appointed together with the enforcement and bankruptcy offices for the collection of receivables. In case of need, all law enforcement officers, especially the police, can be assigned to enforced enforcement upon the request of the Executive Director.

Kulaçoğlu Law Firm’s main services we provide to our esteemed clients within the scope of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law practices;
  • Executive proceedings for the collection of receivables based on current account and invoice,
  • For the collection of receivables arising from finance, loan and leasing contracts, starting enforcement proceedings,
  • The bankruptcy proceedings to be made against the debtor in order for the creditor real and legal persons to obtain their receivables, and accordingly initiation of the bankruptcy case and its follow-up,
  • For the annulment of unfair objections made by the debtor, opening an action for the annulment of the objection and following the litigation process,
  • Opening a negative declaratory action for the determination of not being indebted due to unfair and unfounded claims of receivables and following the litigation process,
  • Legal follow-up of the receivables on behalf of the creditor real and legal persons, protecting the legal areas in the legal proceedings against the debtor real and legal persons, ensuring the determination of the real debt,
  • Providing legal support for the creditor and debtor in creating an agreement,
  • Legal follow-up of all transactions until the closing of the bankruptcy, follow-up of all legal proceedings regarding the bankruptcy of real and legal persons,
  • Protection of all legal areas during the bankruptcy case process and until the closing of the bankruptcy,
  • Performing the necessary analysis studies for bankruptcy with the least damage, fulfilling the necessary legal procedures for the postponement of bankruptcy.
  • Announcement of concordat to restore the financial status of real and legal persons whose economic situation has deteriorated,
  • Following and concluding independent lawsuits of real and legal persons originating from execution and bankruptcy law,

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