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Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is the branch of law that regulates to whom and how, in the event of the death or absence of a real person, the assets of this person, namely his estate, will be transferred, as stipulated by the Turkish Civil Code. The property of the inheritor that can be passed on to the heirs is called estate.

In the event of death or absence of the testator without any savings on his estate, the right holders are only his legal heirs. However, the testator can make a death-related disposition on the estate, except for the shares of the heirs with reserved shares. In this case, the appointed heirs besides the legal heirs will have a right on the estate. One of the most frequently encountered disputes is the transformation of family conflicts and incompatibilities into an effort to partially or completely exclude the legal heirs by disposing of the estate of the deceased.

As Kulaçoğlu Law Firm, the main services we provide to our clients in this context are;

  • Representation by proxy in cases and transactions of heirship certificate regarding the shares and proportions to be received by the heirs from the estate,
  • Preparation of will,
  • Preparation of inheritance division agreements,
  • Filing lawsuits regarding the rights and receivables related to the inheritance share of the surviving spouse and representation by proxy,
  • In cases where the heirs with reserved shares violate the reserved shares of the heirs with a life or death-related disposition, filing a lawsuit for criticism and representation by proxy,
  • Preparation of lawsuits for determination of estate and representation by proxy in lawsuits,
  • Providing legal support for the inheritor to make a testamentary disposition to remove the heir with a reserved share from the heir in the presence of legal conditions,
  • Filing the case of the muris collusion and representation by proxy for the cancellation of the transfer transactions made in untrue collusion in order to deprive the legal heirs of the inheritance,
  • Since removal from inheritance is made by will, filing an annulment action and representation by proxy when there are conditions for annulment action,
  • Filing lawsuits regarding the rejection of inheritance and representation by proxy,
  • Filing lawsuits regarding the annulment of the will and representation by proxy,
  • In case the assets in the estate of the testator are not shared between the legal and/or appointed heirs, filing a lawsuit for the dissolution of the partnership and representation by proxy,
  • Preparation and execution of the process of revoking the current will
  • Preparation and execution of the process regarding the termination and cancellation of the inheritance contract,
  • Opening equalization lawsuits regarding the inheritance share and representation by proxy,

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