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Real Estate Law

“Real Estate Law”, which is one of the main areas of interest of Kulaçoğlu Law Firm, is a branch of law that closely concerns almost every segment of society. If the disputes arising in the field of real estate law cannot be resolved between the parties and are brought to the judiciary; Getting legal support is extremely important. When disputes in the field of real estate are brought to court; The parties may face high court expenses and fee payments and may suffer loss of rights. For this reason, it is very important to take legal support from a real estate law expert in terms of maximum transaction security in real estate legal cases.
Real Estate Law requires expertise and experience with its detailed and complex structure.
What is Real Estate Law?
Real Estate Law emerges as an important field within the property law departments that constitute a part of Civil Law; It is a branch of law that closely concerns almost every segment of society. Real estate law, which is regulated for immovables such as houses, land, apartments, flats, which are real estate law subjects, aims to eliminate illegal situations in the presence of a real estate law expert due to its detailed and complex structure. The “right of property”, which forms the basis of Real Estate Law, It is recognized and protected by its Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.

As Kulaçoğlu Law Office, our main services we provide to our clients in this context are;
  • Preparation of title deed cancellation and registration cases and representation of the parties in the litigation process,
  • Preparation of cases for prohibition of intervention and prevention of seizure and representation of the parties in the litigation process,
  • Pre-purchase, preparation of cases and representation of the parties during the litigation process,
  • Inheritor collusion – representation of the parties in cases of abduction from the heir,
  • Representation of the parties in expropriation and defamation lawsuits,
  • To follow up the administrative processes related to the zoning plan changes and to take legal action to cancel them when necessary,
  • Consultancy and process follow-up regarding the acquisition of property by foreigners,
  • Providing legal consultancy services on the purchase and sale of immovable goods,
  • Providing legal support and real estate legal consultancy for the performance of other transactions such as mortgage, usufruct, easement, establishment and abandonment of real rights,
  • Preparation of lease agreements and their management throughout their validity period,
  • Termination of lease agreements,
  • Representing the parties at every stage of litigation and legal disputes arising from real estate matters,
  • Conducting due diligence studies regarding the values of real estates and registration inspection procedures before the land registry and cadastre directorates and municipalities,
  • Zoning practices, examination of official permits and reporting of the results obtained,
  • Examining the administrative and judicial lawsuits filed and still ongoing regarding the real estate to be invested, the precautionary measures and liens and encumbrances regarding these lawsuits, determination of their legal nature and reporting by determining the legal risks,
  • Preparation and revision of sales contracts and revenue sharing models,
  • Mortgage establishment and mortgage cancellation,
  • Preparation of contracts for real estate sales promise, flat for flat construction and other real estate constructions,
  • Providing legal consultancy services in mass housing projects, cooperatives, condominium establishment and disputes, mortgage transactions,
  • Providing consultancy services on real estate financing,
  • Providing legal support for the sharing of real estate in the divorce process,
  • Providing legal support within the scope of the “Right to Property”, which is accepted and protected by the C. Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights,
  • Supporting the decision-making processes of the parties by preparing due diligence reports, legal assessments and risk analysis reports,

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